Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No, the blogger is alive

"You aren't going to fire me. My face is on buses." - Jack Taylor (One Fine Day)

Sorry about the lack of blogs. Two words: compiler project.

The weather here in Michigan has been absolutely beutiful! OK, so it rained a few times, but the temperatures have been in the 70s. I have been loving it. Sandels are just itching to be brought out of the closet. Did I mention my obsession with shoes recently? I got this really cool pair a couple weeks back at 75% off - chocolate in color. So very comfortable. Anyway moving on...

My recent music obsession has been Regina Spektor. Her new CD entitled "Begin to Hope" is excellent. I have several favorite songs on the CD - "Fidelity", "On the Radio", and "Hotel Song". Check out the music (or music videos) on the website if you want to hear it for your self. I got "Fidelity" off iTunes first and loved it so much that I got the CD from Target the other week and have been listening to it quiet a bit.

The other week I was sitting in class listening to a presentation. Since it is a class about theory, there are always a lot of greek symbols and what not. I realized that even after all of the years (and math, theory, and statistic classes) I still have trouble remembering my greek symbols. Anytime I give a presentation I look them up ahead of time. Seriously.

A couple years ago a friend suggested (while discussing homework for a theory class) that we make up names when I mentioned I couldn't remember the name for a symbol. It was a trick she had used in undergrad. The symbol in question at the time was the alternate version of phi that you often see in textbooks.

Anyway, my sleep deprivated brain said the first thing that came to mind (which is always a mistake) "butt on a stick". I realized after I said it that it was totally the wrong to say. However, it did cause my friend to laugh and even more amazingly to actually use my horrible name. Of course, whenever I see that symbol it causes me to giggle in memory. Did I mention I (and my friend) were seriously sleep deprived graduate students? We would have laughted at anything. Oh wait, we did.

This past week I was equally sleep deprived. The fun never stops here in grad school land! I love it, but if I got a few more hours of sleep some weeks I would love it even more :-) Speaking of sleep, I am giving a presentation in the morning. I better get to bed so I don't sound any more confused than I absolutely have to tomorrow ;-)

Oh, I am giving a presentaiton on probabilistic Turing Machines. Cool and fun stuff. But I better quit rambling and get to bed. My bed is calling me.

Yes, my bed is calling me. I hear you laughing at me...go ahead enjoy...it is pretty funny now that I am reading what I wrote. I could change it, but I am way to lazy...

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