Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mrs. Bradley's Mysteries...

I recently stumbled upon an interesting (but very short-lived) series entitled:  Mrs. Bradley's Mysteries staring Diana Rigg and Neil Dudgeon. It was run as part of MYSTERY! on PBS when Diana Rigg was host. (I thought Diana Rigg and Neil Dudgeon were both excellent).

Diana Rigg plays the title character Mrs. Bradley and Neil Dudgeon plays her faithful chauffeur George Moody. Set in the late 1920s and early 1930s, Mrs. Bradley defies the "normals" of society at the time. (Throughout the series you learn the titles of the books that the character Mrs. Bradley has written - not the normal reading material of the day). The series is based on the works of author Gladys Mitchell who wrote over 60 books featuring the Mrs. Bradley character.

It is interesting to watch the characters deal with topics that would have been surprising at the time the series was set (and written) but have now become almost common. Mrs. Bradley's "fourth-wall" comments are often times highly amusing and give the views interesting insight to the character of Mrs. Bradley. George Moody was one of the most interesting "side-kicks" in a mysteries series I have seen. Unlike Dr. Watson who was often several steps behind Sherlock Holmes, Moody plays important role in the solving of the mystery and often uproots important clues to the solution. (I personally wish there had been more of these shows made - there are only 5 episodes total). However, this series really should be watched in order - trust me. Otherwise, it will ruin the last episode. Just trust me on this one!

Well, thanks for stopping by and reading! I figured I would actually include a whole post instead of just using Twitter all the time!

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