Friday, December 2, 2005

The precious has returned to it's master...

"So bright... so beautiful... our precious. " - Gollum (Two Towers)

I dropped of the precious (CD) that was forged at Mt. Doom (the CEA lab) today (i.e., I turned in a CD containing the final project for one of my classes - however, doesn't the first way sound so much cooler?). Through out the project code there are references to thePresious, theOne, theString, get the idea. Basically, that is what happens when you decide to write code in the early hours of the morning after having large quantities of caffine.

I left school after 4 AM and drove to my apartment in the 3 inches of snow covering the ground. Of course, they hadn't gotten around to salting or plowing so it was a never interesting drive (i.e., not one I am looking forward to making again anytime soon). It is snowing still. According to the local news channnel it is lake snow effect flurries (i.e., really big chunks of snow). I am sure it will add nicely to the 3+ inches already on the ground. So, Miata + 3 inches of snow + ice + hills + 4 AM = un-fun

I really think I have been working to hard, I am turing my life into a math equation - ohy! Anyway, here are some links. Have fun. I am going to go give a presentation (5 minutes, not much time to really talk about anything - just bottom line it) and then I can actually try and catch up on sleep...oh and study for finals...maybe that will be tomorrow...

Some people are fans of this guy: "Exclusive: Professor X Talks X3"

Have you smelled your car today? "Safer cars through touch, sound and smell"

When will they learn to not mess with google?

"First quantum byte created"

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