Thursday, August 26, 2004

School Week is Over and Weekend Begins

This semester I have a wonderful schedule. I get done with class work for the week on Thursday afternoon. Although, I have still have to work - but not having classes for some reason makes it better.

Well, work isn't the term I use exactly. I have a graduate assistantship so I have to work 20 hours a week. I do documentation. Anyway, I am a Mac user. I was asked to write out directions on how to use JellyfiSSH. It is a really nifty program if you use telnet, ftp, or ssh often. Basically, it allows you to "bookmark" Unix systems you visit a lot. When you press the connect button it opens terminal. Anyway, if you are like me - lazy and like to avoid remembering things JellyfiSSH just might be a good program for you too.

On a complete side note: I am learning how difficult it is to write down the directions of how to use software. I knew it was difficult from documentation I have needed to do in my undergrad project. However, in those cases I knew the software inside and out. Now, I am going into the lab and playing with the software to figure out how it works so I can write about it. It is different - and challenging.

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*Cough* PuTTY *Cough*