Thursday, August 19, 2004

Run to Your Local Bookstore

Reading is an activity that I really enjoy. During the school year it is difficult to get much pure fun reading done (because of all that homework). Anyway, over the summer I have been reading quite a bit to my surprise. Anyway, I figured that might make an interest blog of sorts.

So here is (a partial list) of my favorite books/authors:

  • Amelia Peabody series - these books are about Egypt and archeology. I actually find ancient history very interesting which is the other draw of the series. I have not read all of the books yet - but so far I have liked all the ones I have read .
  • Anything by Mary Higgins Clark - I have read all of these and they are good. The first one I read was in high school actually.
  • Harry Potter - what list would be complete without included this series?
  • Sherlock Holmes - "Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot."
  • Limony Snicket - he writes a wonderful series called A Series of Unfortunate Events. This books are very entertaining and an easy read. I know they are designed for children - but it is interesting none the less.
  • Princess Diaries Series - I saved this one for last. I have read all of the books at least twice. Anyway, I think it is a great series anyway.
  • Lucy Montgomery - she wrote a series of books based on a character named Anne.
  • L. Frank Baum - the creater of the land of OZ. These books are charming and can completely take you surprise. Not to mention a totally different world.

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