Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Completely Random Update - nothing important

I just realized that I hadn't updated my blog in so very long. I don't even have that good of an excuse. Except that I have been busy - so very busy. In the fall I taught a new class and the prep was very extensive - not to mention time consuming. I am teaching the same course this semester which makes life a little calmer on that front.

However, research is keeping me very, very busy. I am trying to get far enough to do the next stage of the process. Very exciting, but a lot of work because I have a ways to go and I am trying to do it all in a couple of months. So if you don't see any more updates - I will just apologize now. I really want to update more often but it is a bit tricky to find time.

For those who remember - I am still working on the fuzzy logic stuff. Sounds cool doesn't it? Well, I better get to it. Research doesn't get itself done. Just wanted to say "hi" to all my friends (if anyone still reads this thing) and maybe I will post again sometime during the semester ;-)


Brian said...

It has been a while since we caught up. email sometime. bmerz at sbcglobal dot net .

Hope all is well!
--Brian (BGSU)

Steph said...

Hello! I will email soon.